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After my last 5 or so years of recording covers and some originals on my crappy laptop camera (which, don’t get me wrong has definitely served me well), I’ve been feeling that it’s time to find an actual filmmaker or at least someone with some talent holding a camera. Coincidentally, earlier this year, I got an email from a filmmaker named Jason Mongue, who was reaching out in search of artists that he could do a music video for… it was perfect! Long story short, we recently worked together in filming several live videos of me performing my own songs in front of a white screen, which he suggested and I thought would be something interesting to try. I have released a few of the videos on my youtube and wanted to share them on my website as well. I’m very happy to finally have some great quality footage of original music with the help of Jason’s filming skills!


Here are two of the videos:

“Music Rise”


“Return to the Water”


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